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About Dreamio

Dreamio is the world’s first mobile-phone case to add stereoscopic 3D, VR and mixed reality experiences to your iPhone & Android devices.

Dreamio is simple and easy to use; capturing immersive, True 3D VR videos, photos and live streaming! With Dreamio, you have the power to transport yourself back in time and relive & share your most exciting experiences and memorable moments in 3D VR. Now anyone can immerse themselves in the moments and memories you captured as if they were right there with you. Everything you capture can be viewed on any VR headset or matched with the Dreamio Headset, Voyage.

How it Works

Slip on the
Dreamio Case

Open the
Dreamio App

Record, live stream, take photos in 3D

Immerse and share moments in VR

Dreamio Cases

Designed and made in California.

Apple iPhone Dreamio Case Apple iPhone Dreamio Case

Apple iPhone

(includes X, 8, 8s, 7, 7s, 6, 6s)

Samsung S8 & S9 Dreamio Case Samsung S8 & S9 Dreamio Case

Samsung S8 & S9

(includes S8, S8+, S9, S9+)

Google Pixel 2 Dreamio Case Google Pixel 2 Dreamio Case

Google Pixel 2

(includes Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL)

Dreamio App

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1. Record

Record, live stream, and take photos in true 3D.

2. Save

Save your memories on the Dreamio Cloud and share on your favorite social platforms.

3. Experience

Experience and immerse your captured moments with any VR headset.

Dreamio VR Headset

Introducing Voyage: Dreamio’s VR and Mixed Reality Headset. Voyage is sleek, lightweight and easy-to-wear with an expressive controller that’s simple to use.

Combine your Dreamio mobile phone case with the Voyage headset and become fully immersed in VR and Mixed Reality experiences where fantasy become impossible to tell from reality.

Dreamio Voyage

Works with Apple and Android Devices

Dreamio Voyage

Simply slide in your phone with a Dreamio-ready case

Dreamio Voyage

View comfortably with a soft, breathable fabric & form fitting design.

Technical Specs

Operating System

iOS & Android

Frame rate



100 grams

Drop Proof

Shock Proof

Water Resistant

Built in battery

3+hrs continuous run time

Camera resolution

4K / 16MP

Field of View

124.8 degrees


With dreamio, the future is in your hands. Dreamio’s technology and mobile cases are an advanced tool for developers and creative professionals. Our API’s provide a convenient way to integrate our technology and solutions through iOS and Android devices, to create games and applications of the future in a wide range of industries and verticals. Dreamio has the potential to produce rapid 3D scans of objects, create 3D maps of interior spaces, and run Augmented Reality games. With the ability to leverage Apple’s ARkit and Google’s ARcore; the possibilities are endless. We are excited to bring the developing field of immersive 3D AR technologies to the palm of your hands.


Abbos Roohparvar

Founder & CEO

Ali Roohparvar

CMO & Co-Founder

Robb Englin

SVP Products

Peter Pietrangelo

VP Engineering

Sirish Bathina

Head of Software

Gerrit Barnard

Sr. Director of Systems Engineering

Varun Parmar


Jhanna Garcia

Marketing Manager

Mathew Barnard

Business Development Manager

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